Scavolini Easy Collection  

COLONY – Colony is a model in the Scavolini Easy collection that offers all the characteristics and functions required from a kitchen today: storage, worktops, appliances and modularity, in line with the golden rules for a modern kitchen.

It is left to the doors and materials to define the furniture’s design language and style. With Colony, the Scavolini Easy line opens out to allow a little nostalgia for a number of traditional stylistic features such as the framed door.

But here, the framed door is simplified, with no rounding or ornamentation, to meet the taste of young consumers or fit more effectively into a home in the country, where closeness to nature combines with a preference for more modem styles.

The assortment of finishes and colours also underlines a preference for this design language, firmly rooted in the present in spite of its glances back towards the past.


HIGHLAND – Highland features a framed door in Wood finish with a slightly convex trim connecting the central panel to the frame.
The reference to the country kitchen tradition is clear.

However, the plain central panel places Highland in the up-to-date, modern “country” category. Other distinguishing features consistent with the model’s positioning are the slightly arched handles, the “chunky” worktop thicknesses and the old-fashioned pyramidal hoods.

The refrigerator can be included in the composition and concealed behind doors that match the kitchen or freestanding and separate.

This model also includes a large selection of shelves, useful for fitting the product into its context.


URBAN & URBAN MINIMAL – A major brand kitchen with no budget problems.

In each of its details Urban reflects the lines of a fashionable wall-to-wall modular kitchen. Its style is simple.

Even the range of lacquered and melamine finishes focuses on white, the key colour in minimalist design.

However, shelves and units with a touch of colour and Wood Melamine finishes belie the kitchen’s severity and allow scope for imagination and originality.

But choice of finish aside, Urban aims to provide a completely functional, practical solution to the needs of the kitchen as a working area.

Easy-clean materials and modularity that allows the correct location of all working areas in and around the kitchen.

In other words, everything you can ask of a top brand kitchen, but at a surprisingly low price.