Ignoring the regular use of segregating solid walls, the design of this extraordinary home, in Terrassa, Barcelona, explores the use of softly screening plants and liberating transparent divides. The Catalonian house covers 200 square meters, and yet just 10 linear feet of actual wall has been implemented. Surprising, the result is not just a wildly social space, but has precious moments of intimacy.

The interior embraces a loft feel with exposed brick faces, rustic ceiling beams, industrial ducting, and concrete floors. However, the stark backdrop almost fades away with the introduction of warming woods and plush furniture, amongst the homes pretty landscaped heart.

The indoor plant beds are extremely appealing on a Zen level, having a calming and soothing effect; these earth and pine bark filled cutaways are probably not a recommended route for pet owners though, as a digging dog could make quite a mess, and a cat in search of a luxury litter box may do something even worse!

The scattered plant beds are filled with local species of shrubs, which undulate interestingly in height. Each indoor plant bed is brightly illuminated in false light, as though from a sunny skylight.

The kitchen diner has banks of stainless steel units that reflect the light and continue the industrial d├ęcor look. The dining table lighting too is of an industrial feel, with two casual bundles of bulbs creating the illumination.

A sunken seating area forms a cozy and intimate living room, littered with fun and plush cushions to cuddle up on.

Six Eames chairs add a moment of swish style the stripped back home style in the dining area, though their subtle color way blends in perfectly with the setting.

Wooden countertops, central island surface and window blinds soften the metallic kitchen design. Open sided shelving prevents the overall look from appearing too cold and clinical.

The television in the lounge area can be clearly viewed from the dining and cooking areas too.